The EMBLEM Mission

To create Status Symbol properties suitable for your ultimate Lifestyle and become the frontrunner of an exclusive and unique experience, Beyond the Standard.

Dynamism and passion drive The EMBLEM Team, who are building a true living legacy.

Lifestyle beyond expectation…

For special people only!



The EMBLEM Vision

With a vision to create the exceptional and a passion for quality and elegance, EMBLEM Investments, Member of the EMBLEM Collection Group, dominates the local market by developing Status Symbol properties and ensures a solid and unrivalled name in outstanding properties.

EMBLEM sets the bar high, striving to conquer both the Cypriot and International property market, implementing standards of excellence. The aim is to transform your vision into reality that will make history.

Success, only means one thing for EMBLEM; to thrive Beyond the Standard!



Lifestyle Beyond Expectation

With its talented and qualified personnel with more than 45 years of relevant experience between them, EMBLEM aims to achieve the impossible whilst creating the Perfect Home. Housed in its own prestigious office block, EMBLEM combines the latest technologies with an inspiring atmosphere in order to produce masterpieces that become homes, stimulating the senses of those who encounter them.

Innovative developments in exclusive neighbourhoods in Limassol are the current projects the company is involved in, aspiring to conquer the hearts and minds of those who encounter EMBLEM and are looking for the ultimate Lifestyle, Beyond the Standard.

With its expansion into the UK property market, EMBLEM sets the bar high, striving for another success story.



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