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Why Emblem


The Emblem Team with its immense expertise, is dedicated in providing outstanding architectural designs, coupled with unrivalled building quality. Its sincere respect for the environment and the need for conscientious sustainability, resulted in a relentless pursuit in creating near zero energy homes, with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint to our world. The Team’s collective expertise of the process for obtaining an EU passport, in coordination with the proficiency of experienced associates, results in a pleasant process of assisting clients in obtaining the passport to their new life in Europe.

It is with utmost certainty that The Team promises confidentiality and offers the assurance to prospective clients that all their requests, information and details shared with The EMBLEM Collection Group will remain private. Subsequent to the completion of your initial meetings and once The Team is fully informed of your requests and requirements, clients are then provided with a tailored quotation that matches the extent of assistance that they require.

The Emblem Collection Group’s activities include amongst others:

  • Property Consulting
  • Property Investments
  • Property Developments
  • Financial Investments
  • Architectural Designs
  • Renovations
  • Energy Projects
  • Venture Capital Investments

Why Cyprus

Located in the eastern end of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a true paradise on Earth. With an interesting and exciting mix of culture, nightlife, history and future potential, Cyprus is irresistibly charming and absolutely magical. The Mediterranean’s third largest island and one of the most desirable locations to live, work and invest in the world. Its prosperous future and the island’s diversified economy, in combination with its rich history and culture along with its warm hospitality, simply promise an amazing lifestyle.

The island’s endless sunny days (350 days a year), the impressive Troodos mountain range dotted with picturesque villages and scented pine forests and the Mediterranean’s crystal clear waters, place the island at the top of the list of the most popular and visited Mediterranean destinations. A living mosaic of cultures, cuisine and undiscovered riches proves the island’s spectacular beauty effortlessly.

It is widely known that Cyprus’ exceptional business infrastructure, availability of extensively educated personnel, together with unparalleled telecommunication networks and harmonious lifestyle, are proving to be a promising combination. Due to its appealing location on the world map, it is certainly easy to travel to and from, for business people all around the globe, because of excellent connections. Amongst its other benefits, Cyprus boasts one of the lowest corporate income tax in Europe, as well as no inheritance tax and occasionally no dividend tax (depending on the circumstances).

The people of Cyprus owe their individuality and warmth to their amazingly colourful history; perhaps this is why Cypriots have a special knack of making visitors feel at home as soon as they arrive.

Cyprus is irresistible to everyone…


Why Limassol

The “that city never sleeps”, attracts visitors from all over the world.

Limassol is the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus, famous for its energetic atmosphere and tremendous hospitality. With a population of approximately 180,000 people and a rich culinary heritage, the second largest city of Cyprus boasts remarkably high standards of living. The island’s main port, the centre of the wine industry, a lively business centre and a bustling holiday resort, all cause for Limassol to emerge as a spirited and metropolitan seaside town. Located on the south coast of Cyprus, Limassol is an ideal year-round yachting destination and one of the finest cruising locations in the Mediterranean; it is the perfect spot for amazing cruising destinations such as the Greek Islands, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt.

The exceptional residential and commercial property opportunities, as well as the advanced healthcare and education systems, are merely a few of the reasons that make this city an ideal location for business and private purposes. A variety of investment options are currently available in Limassol with competitive prices. It seems that foreign investment is now at the highest that it has ever been, due to a combination of appealing circumstances; one of these being the acquisition of EU passport.

Limassol aspires to conquer the hearts and minds of those who are looking for the ultimate lifestyle.



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