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Back to the 1940s and Sheldon Adelson’s first steps towards an entrepreneurial career. It did not take long for Sheldon’s father, a taxi driver, as well as his mother, who owned a knitting shop, to figure out that their son was destined for big things.

Sheldon started his career by borrowing cash from his uncle, which he used to acquire a license for selling newspapers. He used his gains to his benefit by opening up new companies, which led him to big business after the 1960s and even bigger cash. It is said that the business tycoon launched a little bit over 50 enterprises over the course of his career.

Today, Mr Adelson, who was a college dropout, has a net worth of $28.7billion. His portfolio includes resorts in Las Vegas and Asia, casinos, etc.

His calculated investments led the way to an immensely improved lifestyle.

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